And She Said Yes!!

Yeaaaa.. Am waiting for her and I will. ‘Coz… Where shall I start from. I don’t know whether it was a mere coincidence or destiny for us to meet like that. The accident on that night changed my entire life.. I had no idea how I struck against the tree trunk so hard and lost conscious… Everything became blank. I was very badly injured and there was no one for my rescue. Then she came… She saved my life by admitting me to the nearest hospital and donated blood. By the time I was recovered, she was gone.. Puff!!.. I wanted to know who saved my life… The nurse gave me the bracelet which she had forgotten… The only ray of hope to get to know her was the bracelet… It was a golden bracelet with diamond stones and the name “Pari” carved on it… I searched her everywhere. All parks, beaches, restaurants, malls, shops, markets and where not. One day in one of the cafĂ©’s , I saw a group of ladies chatting happily. I noticed the prettiest lady in the group and asked her about “Pari”. She just turned red when I asked about”Pari” and told her the way she saved my life. I even told her that I had fallen in love with”Pari”. She told that”Pari” was none other than herself.. I was awestruck by looking at her.. Damn..!! She’s too pretty to handle. It was a “dream cum true” moment of my life ‘coz girls always came behind me and today I am behind some girl. I didn’t even think for a second and went on my knees and expressed my love for her..!!! She just blushed, took her bracelet and said thank you.. “That’s it?? It’s not fair.. Say YES.. ” was what I thought.. But she had already left the place. Almost a month later, I met her here and there around the city and somehow managed to be ‘friends’ with her. I wanted to be something more. But my lady was like “Naaah”.. Fine. I ‘ll adjust I thought. Soon we went on date. Slowly she started liking me. Once we went to a restaurant and it so happened that the waiter spilled the food on her. She just said, “that’s okay, no problem”.. But I was not okay. I shouted at the waiter. I am really short-tempered by nature. She was really upset with that behavior of mine. She busted out and told me not to show my face again. I pleaded her like I had never done in my entire life. I promised her I would change for her. But she didn’t even listen to me. She just walked away. I tried convincing her many times. She just didn’t react to anything. One day I met her at the sea-shore and I said that I was leaving to my place. She just stood and listened to me. For my good luck she didn’t walk away this time. I told “I am leaving to my place tonight. You have saved my life and gave me a new life. I am always grateful to you for that. I don’t know even if I have the right to say this. But I’ll say. I have changed a lot for you. I have suffered every single moment without you. I have realized my mistake… U r d one and you will always b the one to make me d better version of ‘me’ in my life.. Thank you so much for everything. Just came to say a ‘Good bye’ if you want to… I’ll wait for you… I hope let this not be our last meet. That was all I wanted to say. Take care.. Cya…” I walked off from that place… I observed her eyes turning red. Now am waiting. Yeaa am waiting.. Coz she taught me to be the better version of me.. She made my life new. She brought joy in my life. She really is my ‘pari’ who saved my life. Yessss… I belong to her.. Always hers and so on. I was lost in my thoughts when someone came running towards me and Hi Fied on my cheeks.. Ouch!! Just I wanted to say who the… And saw my ‘pari’ with her eyes wet. Even before I realised, it was my pari, she collapsed in my arms. I was almost about to knock down. She held me so tight and cried soo hard which made me break down to tears. After calmed down, I just smiled at her.. Another Hi Fi on check.. Not again!!!… “Idiot.. How could you just leave and go?? You think you are really smart? I was upset with you.. But does that mean that I don’t love you? How did you decide even before I answered to your proposal.. Am sorry if I have over reacted but I just wanted you to be a gentleman. And yeaa.. I didn’t come to say ‘I love you’.. I came to say ‘Good bye'” she said and I was like “whaaat the ****” …. She laughed for my expression and then hugged me.. I was confused. She whispered the magical words in my ears… Now this is what I wanted from a these many days. At last, she said ‘YeS’ …. I feel am “on top of the world”,”the world is Mine”…. Wohoooooo…. Happieeess Endingssss….

For Am The Soul

its the soul and not the body

I can’t fight when its my right
I can’t share coz no one care
I can’t have a seat nor can i eat
For am the soul with no body as a whole
I tried understanding
I tried convincing
I tried everything
But i couldn’t change anything
For am the soul with no body as a whole
I wanna speak
I wanna squeak
I wanna tweak
But no one eva evn freak
For am the soul with no body as a whole
I miss stolen kisses
I miss tight hugs
I miss warm smiles
But i can’t get any of these
For am the soul with no body as a whole
I see but can’t feel
I scream yet its not a big deal
I scrape my skin which doesn’t peel
But i try and its a fail
For am the soul with no body as a whole
Am not drenched by rain
Am not burnt by fire
Am not blown by air
For am the soul with no body as a whole
The wind blows
The sun glows
The stars shines
The same universe remains
Now i find the void not knowing how to fill
Now i remember the past which was long lost
Now i realize that am dead and no more
For am the soul with no body as a whole